• Algonquian Papers - Archive

    The Papers of the Algonquian Conference / Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes are published annually. The manuscripts are fully refereed and each manuscript is published in the language in which it was presented. The volume itself is titled in English or French, depending on the conference site.

    Les Actes du Congrès des Algonquinistes / Papers of the Algonquian Conference font l’objet d’une publication annuelle. Les manuscrits sont évalués par un comité de lecture et publiés dans la langue dans laquelle ils ont été présentés. Le volume est intitulé en français ou en anglais, selon le lieu de la conférence. 

  • Canadian Journal of Children's Rights / Revue canadienne des droits des enfants

    The Canadian Journal of Children's Rights is a peer reviewed international journal featuring interdisciplinary scholarly research relating to children's rights in a global context. CJCR publishes theoretical, empirical, and policy articles and comments and includes a section devoted to youth authors. Its aim is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas and engaging in debate and dialogue regarding questions and issues pertaining to children's rights.

  • Carleton Review of International Affairs

    The Carleton Review of International Affairs is a student-run peer-reviewed journal which publishes outstanding work by students on international affairs in theory or in practice. It is interdisciplinary in its focus, recognizing the need for a multitude of perspectives and approaches in a globalized world.
  • Carleton Undergraduate Research Extravaganza



    Showcase of the results of research carried out by undergraduate students at Carleton University.

  • Journal of Prognostics and Health Management

    Journal of Prognostics and Health Management (JPHM) is an interdisciplinary journal covering all engineering disciplines and reporting scientific progresses and technological advancements in the field of Prognostics and Health Management.

  • Nokoko

    We are committed to a world where people are free from all forms of oppression and exploitation, where respect for individuals’ varied differences is maintained, and where everyone can realise their full potentials. A critical step in creating such a world requires us to analyze, reflect on, and debate the world as it is, as it might, could, or should be.

    Nokoko aims to be a site for such important conversations related to Africa, the African diaspora, and the continent’s relationship with the rest of the world. Nokoko is a platform for public intellectuals, academics, social movements and organizations that share our vision. The journal is open access, with no fees to submit, publish or read.

    Hosted by the Institute of African Studies, at Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), the journal Nokoko offers a space for emerging and established scholars to publish and engage in discussions about their work on Africa and the African diaspora. Published annually, articles and contributions to the journal are peer-reviewed. Submissions should be robust, clearly written and accessible to academic and non-academic readership alike (see below for author guidelines).

    Nokoko’ is a Ga word that means something new, novel, surprising and interesting.


  • Proceedings of the Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing

    Proceedings of the Biennial Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing (CHARM).

  • Review of European and Russian Affairs

    The Review of European and Russian Affairs (RERA) is an online academic journal that publishes research articles and book/literature reviews related to the European Union, its Member States, the states of the former Soviet Union, and Central and Eastern Europe.  The journal is interdisciplinary with a focus on the social sciences, policy studies, law, and international affairs.

  • Southern Journal of Canadian Studies

    The Southern Journal of Canadian Studies publishes cutting-edge, interdiscplinary scholarship in Canadian Studies. Fully committed to the critical study of Canada, the Southern Journal of Canadian Studies has a rigorous peer-review process and seeks to advance our understanding of Canada and its relationship with North America and the rest of the world. The journal welcomes submissions from scholars working on the study of Canada from any disciplinary or interdisciplinary standpoint.