Entre protection et mobilisation : contributions canadiennes et québécoises à l’histoire transnationale des droits des enfants handicapés (1920-1980)

  • Susanne Commend Ottawa University
Keywords: Disability History, disabled children Quebec province, cripple;, philanthropy, social movements, children's rights, transnational history, Canada


This article studies the main milestones of the disabled children's rights movement in the Quebec province and in the world. He is particularly interested in the emergence of a movement to defend the rights of disabled children on the international scene during the inter-war period, in which Canada, including Quebec, participated. Based on a body of varied sources, the study shows that a social conception of childhood crippled was mainly conveyed by the actors of this movement, without being free from medical influence. By emphasizing the socio-economic causes of disability, philanthropists discredit another discourse that places the burden of disability on individual factors. Our reading of this avant-garde movement nuances the interpretation that a hegemonic medical hold would have weighed on young disabled people until the intensification of activism in the 1960s.


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