Human Rights Violations in the Supply and Trade of Metals and Minerals Used in Our Daily Lives, and Lessons Working to Transform the Natural Resource Sector:

Joanne Lebert

Keywords: conflict, Africa, IMPACT, Supply Chain, Metals, Minerals, Resources, Extractives, Human Rights, Natural Resources, Ethics


This issue of NokokoPod presents a discussion on responsible sourcing and management of minerals and metals, within the context of a sector that is confronting serious allegations of human rights violations. The annotated PDF is available on the Nokoko journal website. This conversation took place on May 5th, with Logan Cochrane and Joanne Lebert both in Canada. This version of the PDF has been reviewed by Logan Cochrane and Joanne Lebert. In addition to the conversation, a set of annotations have been added as footnotes so as to strengthen the value of these publications and enable them to act as a resource for listeners and readers who want to have additional context and/or find additional resources on the topics discussed.


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