Legacy of Critical Marketing in Japan: Rise and Fall of Morishita’s Paradigm

  • Kazuo Usui Faculty of Economics, Saitama University, Japan Business School; University of Edinburgh, UK


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore the historical significance of Japanese critical marketing, established by Fujiya Morishita.

Design / methodology / approach – Historical evaluation of Morishita’s ideas from the points of view of current Japanese academia and critical management.

Findings – Morishita’s paradigm criticized disadvantageous aspects of manufacturers’ marketing by using the Marxian type of economics. His criticism had something in common with the criticism against the negative features of High Economic Growth in Japan.

Research limitation / implications – The paper implies critical marketing paradigm was developed by Morishita under a particular historical context of Japanese society. However, it lost validity as that
context changed. The paper only focuses on Morishita’s paradigm, such that a full understanding needs to be supplemented by wider historical research into Japanese marketing thought.


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