Le Code de la Nationalite Belge: A Citizenship Law in the Making

  • Adina Madularea


In April 2010, the most recent process was initiated regarding the revision of law on the acquisition of Belgian nationality. A strong debate on the subject had been going on during 2010 - 2011. This research paper focuses on the positions held by different political parties and representatives with regard to the main issues included in numerous amendments brought to the existing Belgian Nationality Code. Looking at the way in which different aspects have been formulated and debated will provide insights about the stakes of different political actors involved and the process of political negotiation on a very sensitive territory, namely that of citizenship granting in a country with a federal government and a significant cleavage between its main ethnic groups.

Author Biography

Adina Madularea
Adina Madularea is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Ottawa interested in issues of migration, culture and national identity. She holds a MA in European Social Policies (2004) and a BA in Sociology (2002), both granted by the University of Bucharest (Romania). Adina has more than seven years of experience as qualitative researcher, being also actively involved in the development of optimized methodological approaches for various qualitative market research studies.

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